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Who Am I.....

Hi, I'm Kristina I live on beautiful Vancouver Island, where outside of writing, creating, coaching and teaching I own and run a small Witches Boutique.  I am married and am mother to two boys, three dogs and a small herd of chickens. 


I am a published author and have a passion to help build women up working as an Certified Holistic Coach and Embodiment Practitioner.


I use my specializations in Yoga and Yoga Philosophy, Female Sexuality, Trauma and Addiction, Ayurveda, Mindfulness and Meditation in my coaching and teaching practices. 

I believe that doing deep inner work not only has the power to change a single woman's life, but that of women before her. This power to heal creates a ripple to empower all women within her own life and beyond.

In my own journey I have worked hard to overcome my addictions to alcohol and drugs. It took me many years to truly see how I was living my life before I turned things around.


Even though I treated myself poorly I had a deep inner knowing and a calling to do and be more. For many I was “talking the talk” of wellness and wholeness and I tried different ways to work on my healing but I was not “walking the walk”. 


I knew if I really wanted to live a life that felt authentic, I knew I was going to have to make some hard choices about who I was, who my friends were and what my behavior was. 

I had to learn to take radical responsibility for myself. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, I knew that leaving behind my vices that had helped me get through many layers of trauma was no easy task. I had been using drugs and alcohol for most of my life and it was going to make for a hard road ahead, but I knew the road of addiction and self sabotage was harder. I needed to make a real change and the only way I was going to do that was to get in touch with my INNER TRUTH.

I have used many Eastern & Western Medicines that have helped me on my journey along the way.  I always had a strong internal guidance which helped me to trust my intuition and allowed me to listen to my body to teach me where I needed to go.


I have found a lot of comfort and safety in my body by unlearning old patterns, and healing ancestral core beliefs and conditioning.


It is through continued deep self study that I continue to evolve and grow into the next chapters of my life. 

My Education.......

I am a Ceritfied Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach (300-hour), a Certified Yoga Teacher (200-hour RYT) with Yoga for Trauma & Recovery and Yoga Nidra Certifications each certified with the Yoga Alliance.

I have also completed a Sex Love & Relationship Coaching Program (650-hour) with Layla Martin.

I am a Certified Holsitic Coach with the Holstice Coach Training Institute.

I am also a body worker with a Somatic Trauma Therapy Certification, a Reiki Master, Chef & Published Author.

My Mission......

My coaching and teaching style is focused on creating pressence, awareness and safety in the body. It has become my mission to work with women to empower them to be their best selves. I do this by holding space for women to honor who they are and where they have come from. 


I want every woman I work with to feel safe in her body, know that she can trust her intuition and that she can access the deep power she has within her, to create the life she wants and deserves. I want to inspire women to live out their passions and their dreams, while living in alignment with their purpose.

I believe all women have a powerful voice within them that deserves to be heard.  I believe these voices will change and heal the world, and without them our planet and its inhabitants will continue to suffer. 


The more women who are living their truth the more beautiful the world will be.

This is the time for women to be stepping into their power, to be leading the next generation of women into a world where it is safe for them to speak their truth, to live their lives as they please and accept nothing but greatness for themselves.

I will continue to do this work and in hopes to inspire others to do the work too, so young women will have less struggles than our mothers and grandmothers have had and so that all women of the world can live with equality and freedom.



Blessings Goddess!!

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