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Awaken Your Wild....
Reclaim Your Sexual Freedom

One Day Intensive Workshop

We live in a culture where sex is being sold on every corner disguised as a new pair of jeans or a cheese burger commercial. Sex and our idea of sexuality has been molded by our caregivers, the media, religion and our own sexual history.


Many women carry a lot of shame are their sexual story.


Many women’s past sexual experiences have taken away their joy and pleasure. Many women do not relate to having a sexual story, they believe that sex and sexuality was something that belongs to their partners and not themselves. There is a lot of belief that sex is a duty to be preformed, that it is something you owe your partner.



Reclaiming your sexuality and rewrting your sexual story empowers you to take your sexual power back, listen to your body, heal sexual from trauma, and embrace your sexuality shame free. 

Reclaiming and embracing your sexuality is an opportunity to embrace pleasure in life beyond your sexuality.  


We will explore the world of pleasure and your right to pleasure as a woman by dismantling the beliefs around pleasure only being for a man. The woman's body was designed to experience pleasure through the five senses and beyond.


I used my sexuality to get what I want for a long time, I also used my body and my sexuality at times to survive. I carried a lot of shame from my own sexual story but I have learned to embrace my sexual archetypes and love and honor every bit of my sexuality to heal that shame. 

Embody your sexual archetype and let go of sexual stigma and oppression in this weekend intensive to awaken your innate wild nature and divine right to your sexuality and your sexual strong. 


Program Overview:


We will take a deep dive into your core beliefs around sex and sexuality through movement, meditation, cord cutting, embodiment practices and journaling. 


All of these practices together will give you an opportunity to deeply embrace and embody lost pieces of your sexuality and fully come in to your true sexual truth and nature without shame, guilt or judgment.

This is an opportunity to create a new sexual narrative by connecting into the body mind and learn how to deeply listen into what the body wants and needs in order to let go and experience sexual freedom.




Awaken Your Wild 

Learn To Reawaken Your Lost Sexuality & Embody Sexual Freedom

In This Incredible Workshop



Join me May 14th, 2022

Where I will be hosting this amazing program at the beautiful


Rising Sol in Skutz Falls of Vancouver Island

Look At What Women Are Saying About This Experience

I would take this course again in the future even to just always have the new moments and the continued learning experience to see things in a new lense.

"woke my wild feminine and brought the confidence I have in myself to an all time high. I have learned to own my power in my sexuality"

"Through guided meditations, you are invited to do the work in a safe environment, working at a pace you are comfortable with"

"Great course! Ladies take this opportunity do this for YOU! I highly recommend it"

Please Fill Out Registration With Rising Sol Through The Link Above & E-Transfer To The Email Provided

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