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Conjuring The Dark Feminine

A 3 Month Virtual Program & 4 Day In-Person Retreat

Classes Begin March 18th, 2024

There is a wisdom of the old ones that lives in your bones, all of the strength that it has taken to evolve this far is within you and has always been within you, you just need to know how to reawaken to where it is.

 Conjuring The Dark Feminine will show you how to connect to your inner medicine woman, your fierce wild feminine energy, nature and your own nature within the seasons.Through this you will journey to the roots of you own wisdom, plant your own sacred seeds and grow into the woman you dream of being.

Do You Want To Heal The Wounds Of The Past And Step Fully Into Your Highest Self With Love And Compassion For Who You Are At Your Core?

"Embracing my shadows has been the biggest gift in re-writing my story and healing my wounds"

I wasn’t prepared for this journey and wasn't always sure I was going to be able to keep going.  I lived in my shadow for most of my life. I hid from myself through addiction, self sabotage, self limiting beliefs and behaviors. I lived in shame from the scars of my trauma. 


The road to self discovery has hardly been paved and I have fallen off course many times but I have learned along that the things that I carried with me are mind and my responsibility to heal. Even though I have conquered many mountains to get in touch with my truth it has truly been a journey of learning to deeply love all of who I am and learn to walk alongside my shadow that has made the biggest impact on who I am today. 

Over a decade ago I began my studies of Eastern Philosophy, Yoga and Reiki. Since then I have expanded my knowlege studying Ayurveda, Witchcraft, Ceremonies, Meditation, Breathwork, Trauma, Female Sexuality and Somatic Exploration and because of these methods I have transformed my life in ways I would of never thought possible.

I no longer carry oppressive programmed beliefs about being a woman, my sexuality, my ability to be successful or the negative self limiting beliefs around my worthiness that kept me in cycles of self sabotage and addiction.

I know how powerful this work is because it has allowed me to completely transform my life. I have created Conjuring The Dark Feminine because I believe so deeply in this work.  It is an honour to be a guide to other women to step fully into who they are by walking hand and hand with their own shadow and conjuring their Dark Feminine. 


"When a woman transmutes her wounds that expressive radiant energy goes back into everything else she touches."

Conjuring The Dark Feminine will teach you how to expand your capacity to hold space for yourself. By exploring shadow work, spirituality, embodiment practices and releasing the wounds from the past you can intentionally create the life you desire. Through this you will see that anything and everything is possible if they allow yourself the space to grow.


Because the truth is no one is coming to save you and if you want to heal and you want to change you have to be willing to take your own hand and lead the way. I know how hard this type of work is, I know how scary it can be to be vulnerable. I also know what it is like to keep travelling down the same road that leads to disappointment, pain, shame and self-pity.


 I had no idea that my feminine energy held so much potential and power because I had been conditioned to see the feminine as weak, complacent, people pleasing and believed I had to earn my value to have a place in the world.  BUT....I was wrong, that story didn't belong to me and I had attached it to part of who I was by pushing parts of me away that I thought were shameful and unworthy. It was only through this work that I learned the truth of who I was beyond my programmed beliefs and that is what this program will show you too!

If you answer YES to any of these questions this program is for YOU!!

Are you living your life based on old programming?

Do you want to understand how to make real changes in your life but are lacking support?

Do you know you have beautiful gifts that you are holding back from sharing because of fear?

Do you struggle to connect to your feminine energy because you are being pulled into your masculine as a way to survive?

Do you feel like you're on repeat with your choices and behaviors?

Do you want to release your coping mechanisms and learn how to thrive with awareness and conscious action?

Do you want to stop pushing parts of yourself away and playing small?

Do you have attachments to old beliefs that no longer serve you?


15% Off All Items

Conjuring The Dark Feminine Will Explore:

  • Dismantling Old Core Beliefs & Programming
  • Uncovering & Healing The Wounds of the Feminine
  • Understanding & Increasing Capacity by Nervous System Rewiring
  • Learning the Qualities of Energies to Intentionally work with Manifesting 

Here's The Program Layout


In Module One we will begin to uncover the layers of “I am” as you identify with it. I will teach you how the program we receive from our lineage, society, culture and general upbringing often defines us but does not accurately articulate who we actually are at our core essence. We will begin to reconnect to our truth by finding our identities through aspects of nature and Ayurveda in relationship to our mind, body and spirit. 


In Module Two we will dive into the wounds of the feminine and recognize how we are unconsciously carrying around parts of these wounds in not only how we see ourselves as women but also how we see other women around us. We will release the stories of patriarchy and rewrite the story of the Matriarch through our true feminine nature as the healers of the world and the mothers of the Earth. 


In Module Three we will welcome nourishment into our systems. Teaching you how to nourish the mind, body and spirit through deep listening and cultivating a connection into what the body, mind and spirit seeks as you work towards healing from old unhealthy habits and beliefs that have led to the subconscious mistreatment and disconnection from self. This module will open the door to self compassion and your overall relationship to nourishment as a whole.


In this module you will learn to meet yourself where you are at as you start to understand your capacity to fully step in to who you are at your core and learn to expand that capacity to welcome in new experiences and expansion. We will explore safety and the body’s wisdom to keep you safe at all times even when it doesn’t serve our highest good and how we can learn to work with the body to release some of the trauma and experience we have stored in our system.


In Module Five I will teach you how to connect to the different qualities of energies and how we attract energies into our life both consciously and subconsciously depending on our beliefs and our old programming.  From here I will show you how to intentionally connect to the energies which you desire by accessing both our light and our dark with a full and open heart to accept all of who we are which is what creates balance within the inner and outer nature that we experience in the world. 


In Module Six we will integrate our knowledge through the past modules and explore the qualities of both the Light & Dark Feminine and explore why it is important to embrace these as gifts to the world through finding balance of the wholeself-mind, body & spirit without repression of our truth.

Here's What Others Say About Working With Kristina

"I am so happy I signed up for the course! I have been putting off diving into the inner work but Kristina made it easy! She created a safe space for me to be open, vulnerable and look into those dark spaces I have been ignoring! Thank you so much for being along on my journey!!"


"Kristina's program opened me way up to realize that some of the work I was doing I was spiritually bypassing. I'm grateful to have had the safe container that was provided to be able to really get down and dirty. Thanks, babe, for everything that you do to help women on all levels"


"I appreciate the information that was shared in this program. I didn’t know very much about how we can carry things through our lineage and that we have the opportunity to heal past, present, and future generations. I saw the benefits that can happen when I am willing to put in the effort and look within, honestly not always easy, but truly worth the work. Kristina was a great facilitator, she was knowledgeable, compassionate and I really appreciate all the support she offered throughout this program. I am very grateful for the changes and healing I have witnessed in myself. Thank you."


"Kristina offers a great  space for active listening and holding space for her clients to find their own way. Through guided meditations, you are invited to do the work in a safe environment, working at a pace you are comfortable with."


"I am forever grateful to have been given these tools/knowledge to move forward in my healing and for being able to connect with others that are also healing."


“I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their life.  I realized things about my life and myself I would have never discovered on my own.  I have so much more confidence in myself and my abilities now. This course will change your life! “


Kristina provides a beautiful and spiritual journey full of soul filling experiences that will change your internal well-being in the most gentle and positive way. She is truly a healer of the mind, body and soul!"

Conjuring The Dark Feminine is different because it gets to the root, it isn’t about the destination but rather a journey that will reawaken the parts of you that know there is more to this life, allowing you to reclaim your divine freedom and sovereignty.  This is a program for women to get deep, and connect to the part of them that knows they powerful, worthy and impactful beings who have something greater to offer the world than the stories they have been told that are keeping them stuck.


Kristina - Self Session_5693.JPG


What if I am new to shadow work, can I still join? YES!! A beginner's mind is always best!


Do I have to be sober to work with you? No, I love working with all women to help them discover their inner power.


Do I have to share in the group? No. There is always a choice for you to make your own decisions of what you want to participate in our not.

Can I practice embodiment and breathwork if I am pregnant? Yes you can with permission from your doctor. 

Is there payment plans available? Yes!! You can split you plan into a few payment options.

What if I want to come to your retreat as well, is there a discount?  There is a $200 discount to anyone who would like to attend the Fall or Spring Retreat after taking the program.


3 Month Container

Bi-Weekly 2 Hour Classes Over Zoom

(Which Include Instruction & Weekly Embodiment Practices)

Private Voxer Group with Weekly Support & Support Of Your Conjuring Sisters  

Weekly Journal Assignments & Embodiment Practices

Unlimited Access To My VIP Meditation Portal

Optional Pro-Rated Post Container 1:1 Coaching

So Excited to be offering this incredible program with a 4 day in person retreat!!! 

Are you ready to experience Conjuring the Dark Feminine & the 4 day Spring Creation Retreat?

Pick Your Payment Options Now!!!

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