Conjuring The Divine Shadow

A 5 Week Program For Women To Embrace Their Shadow And Conjurer Their Highest Self

Do you want to connect to a deeper part of yourself but are caught up in old stories about who you are?


It has been a long road to becoming the version of myself I am today. A journey I surely wasn’t prepared for or was always sure I was going to be able to stay on.  I lived in my shadow for most of my life. I hid from my truth through addiction, self sabotage and self limiting beliefs and behaviors. I lived deeply in my own shame from the scars of my trauma. 


On this road to self discovery I have fallen off, been beaten down and quit too many times to count but I had a bigger part of me, perhaps it is the part of me who sits here today that told me to get up and keep going and even though I have conquered many mountains to get in touch with my truth I am sure there many more to come because I have learned as we begin to level up and we see our potential is limitless we also understand therefore so are the challenges that come alone with that level of growth. More importantly we understand that there is no finish line or destination to this journey as there is not our potential. 


In finding my Highest Self this meant I had to Conjure My Divine Shadow and this has come in the form of many different paths which opened the doors to my healing. Through Eastern Philosophy, Yoga, Ayurveda, Energywork, Witchcraft, Ceremonies, Meditations and studying Trauma and the nervous system I have transformed my life in so many places. I no longer carry the oppressive beliefs about my feminine strength, my sexuality, my ability to be successful or negative self limiting beliefs around my worthiness. Through all of these teachings and  learnings I have stepped into my own shadow and Conjured My Inner Goddess





I want to show women they can expand their potential and create a life full of abundance through shadow work, spirituality, embodiment practices, releasing the wounds from the past to intentionally create the life they desire and that anything and everything is possible if they allow themselves the space to do the work.


Because the truth is if we don’t do it for ourselves no one will. I know how hard this type of work is, I know how scary it can be to be vulnerable and I know what it is like to keep traveling down the same road that leads to nowhere. I was so deeply disconnected to my feminine energy, I was actually unaware that my feminine energy held so much potential and power for me because I had been conditioned to see the feminine as weak.  


I wanted to take care of myself but I did so by being over disciplined and beating myself up and judging myself when I didn’t do things just right.


I followed strict diets and exercise routines. I judged myself on the way I looked if I wasn’t a certain size. I was unforgiving to my own thoughts and feelings around being good enough, doing enough and going hard all the time. I pushed myself to the limit with everything I put my energy into and I hit burnout or slipped back into self sabotaging behaviors of addiction to drugs and alcohol.


I had no connection to my mind, body or spirit and I shut down all the pieces of me that were attached to those because I was caught up in bullshit belief systems that were connected to thinking processes like “shoulds'' and''can'ts `` and''what if’s.  I didn’t understand what it truly meant to nourish myself. I was sick and tired all the time because I wasn’t listening to my inner voice and I pushed my Divine Shadow away.


Do you keep going down the same old road?


Do you know there is truth in magic and manifesting but are not quite tapped in?


Do you know you have beautiful gifts that you are holding back from sharing?


Do you struggle to connect to your feminine energy?


Do you get stuck in old beliefs and conditioning?


Conjuring The Divine Shadows teaches these principles:


  • Cultivating Intentions 

  • Healing The Wounded Feminine

  • Shifting Blocks & Core Beliefs

  • Inviting In The Energy High Vibrational Energy

  • Intentionally Living Your Desired Life

  • Embodying Your Dark Feminine Archetype


When my life started to align everything began to flow, and when things started to flow was when I knew I was connecting to my innate feminine self, my medicine, and my own power that is made of the same stuff that creates the beautiful stars we see light the sky every night.  I began to see that all that is around me is also within me, that is what oneness is. 


I saw this not only in the stars but in the elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether, I saw this in my breath, in my body, in my deep intuition.  We all know we are more than this life but  we are so deeply conditioned that we have forgotten our very fabric that not only covers us but created us.  


I always have had an incredible intuition that I did not honor for a very long time. It took listening to that little voice to get me back to my truest self, my highest self and when I came back to myself all of that changed. 


When I went beyond my own human experiences into the lineage that came before me I saw so much guidance from the other side and I knew that the wisdom of the old lived in my bones, all of the strength that it has taken to evolve this far was within me and had always been within me.


I have created this Conjuring Your Inner Desires to teach you how to connect to your inner medicine woman, to connect to your fierce feminine energy, to be connected to nature and your own nature within the seasons and an opportunity to get to the roots of your own life by planting your own sacred seeds and grow into the woman you dream of being.


Here’s A Look At The Program:


Module One: Cultivating Intentions


In this module I will teach you how different modalities and traditions blend together to create the same magical results and insight into your own lineage as a source of power and show you how to release the oppressed pieces of your abilities. We will talk about the importance of ritual, how to create a ritual space, meditation practices within rituals and I will introduce you to working with the elements. We will explore what it means to create balance within your own daily habits and behaviors and expand your idea of nourishment and teach you to thrive by connecting to what is taking place both within you and around you in nature by learning about the Wheel of the Year, the seasons Ayurvedically and how they relate and work together in our own natural cycles for manifesting and for letting go. 


Module Two: The Wounded Feminine


In module two we will explore the three core wounds of the Wounded Feminine within our own lineage, society & culture. We will unpack our own self limiting beliefs and conditioning and we will explore what serves us and what we seek to let go of through honoring the women who came before us and those who will come after us and I will teach you how to use your ancestral lineage for healing and to serve your highest good

Module Three: Shiftings Blocks & Beliefs


In Module Three you will get a full embodied understanding of what is blocking you from living the life you want to live. We will let go of rigid thinking and explore your connection to your conditioning, thought patterns and responses. You will get to know yourself on a deeper level through expanding your understanding of self, your window of tolerance, your triggers and get to know your individual needs by rewriting what is important to you for your growth and ability to allow flow into your life. We will discuss your current narrative and connect the dots to the parts of you that have created a story that does not serve your growth and your highest self. With this we will then begin to shift and shape that narrative into something that supports you in your personal expansion by working through past and present trauma and supporting you in healing through a safe and supportive container. I will teach you how to use your ancestral lineage for healing and to serve your highest good.


Module Four:  Intentionally Calling In The Higher Vibrations


In Module Four we will harness the power the universe is offering and learn how to intentionally create and manifest power through embracing high vibrational energy by recognizing low vibrations. We will explore what it is to conjure the dark feminine and how to work with dietes and goddesses as support in your rituals and practices when calling in your power. I will also teach you how to work with the moon and its relation to the feminine and feminine energy. This is a chance to release the old wounds and where I will show you how to embrace all the pieces of who you are without shame, judgment, fear, guilt and other self limiting beliefs.


Module Five: Embodying Your Dark Feminine Archetype


In the final week of the program I will offer you an embodiment practice to connect to your Dark Feminine Archetype which will allow you to prepare for the coming season while embodying and embracing your Highest Self using all of the modalities we covered in the program. We will get intentional and learn to embody our desired life through daily routines, practices and rituals that will work for your life using the moon cycles, your constitution and working with the rhythms of nature that support you in your growth and expansion as you connect fully into your feminine power.


Do you want to feel connected to your feminine energy?

Do you want to nourish your mind, body and spirit?

Do you want to connect to your deepest intuitive self?


Conjuring The Divine Shadow is different because it gets to the root, it isn’t about the destination but rather a journey that will reawaken the parts of you that know there is more to this life and you will allow you to reclaim your feminine force and freedom.  This is a program for women to get deep, and connect to the part of them that knows they are magical beings. 


Let me teach you that you’re more than you ever realized and that we are so deeply connected to one another and to the source that runs so deeply within us. 


Here’s What The Program Includes:

5 Week Container

Weekly 1.5 - 2 Hour Online Zoom Class

Private Online Group with Support Of Your Conjuring Sisters

Conjuring The Divine Shadow Workbook PDF

Weekly Homework Assignments

Unlimited Access To My Manifesting Meditations Portal




What if I am new to shadow work, can I still join? YES!! A beginner's mind is always best!


Do I have to attend live? No. All of the calls will be recorded and posted in our private online group.


Do I have to share in the group? No. There is always a choice for you to make your own decisions of what you want to participate in our not.


I created Conjuring The Divine Shadow because I believe that empowered women are the most powerful women on the planet and that when we embrace our universal right to love ourselves fully and deeply that expressive radiant energy goes back into everything else we touch.  


Begins Fall 2022