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Women's Fall Samhain Retreat

Spend 3 Nights Oceanside In Beautiful East Sooke On Vancouver Island Letting Go Of Attachments While Nourishing The Mind, Body & Spirit Through Breathwork, Meditation & Breathwork Practices 

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You’re invited to join me for the season of letting go and a celebration of the Witches New Year at my Fall Retreat this October 26th-29th, 203 in beautiful Sooke BC. 

I am offering a beautiful experience of growth and connection, an opportunity to embrace the Fall season as a way of letting go and move into the winter months with purpose and peace.

My fall retreat is centered around letting go as everything in nature shows us how we can find beauty while releasing during this time powerful time of the year.


Inspired by the elemental energy of earth this experience will offer you a weekend of connection and grounding while that may be challenging during the months leading into the cooler seasons.


During your stay at the SeaNest in East Sooke you will be invited to journey deep into your mind, body and spirit through meditations, yoga & embodiment practices and deep personal growth work to support you in intentionally letting go of anything you’re feeling called to release or set free from your life. 


Throughout the weekend you will be challenged to think outside of your core beliefs and conditioning and be guided into an opportunity to listen to your own deep inner wisdom to lead you in your journey.  

Kristina Margaret-The Wild Priestess

This fall retreat will be a celebration of Samhain, a time when the veil between our Earthly realm and the spirit realm is thinnest. This is a time to connect to the wisdom of your ancestors and passed loved ones.  There will be an offering ceremony as well as a dumb (silent) supper to honor those who have passed on and those who you wish to honor and carry their ancestral legacy as you do your own work towards inner healing.


This is a very intimate experience and an incredible opportunity to be within a safe and sacred space. If you are looking for a transformational experience this retreat is it!! 


Not only will you be able to let go, rest, relax and do some serious healing work you will also be fully nourished by your own personal chef Certified Holistic Nutritionist Sarah Bingham. Sarah will be present day and night preparing nutritious high quality vegetarian meals and snacks that can meet all of your dietary needs. 

Meet Your Personal Chef

Sarah Bingham Chef

My name is Sarah and I am so honoured to be providing the food on this beautiful retreat.

I am grateful too have created a beautiful life on Vancouver Island, alongside my daughter, Juniper, who will often be joining me in the kitchen.

I have been a Red Seal Chef for over 15 years but in the last few I really wanted to bring in the nutrition component to the food I prepare. I took my holistic nutritionist training at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and am now proud to call myself a Holistic Chef.

I am passionate about the outdoors, using local and seasonal ingredients and inspiring people to add more veggies and plant-based meals into their life!!! I truly believe food is our medicine and for us to reach our full potential we must address what we are putting in our body.

I will prepare all of your food with the utmost love and care and hope you can feel it as you enjoy your meals.

I look forward to meeting each of you.

Here’s What Others Have Said About Their Retreat Experiences:


“The calm, beautiful space, free of judgment and so many connections. The food and accommodation was unreal and the woman running it makes you feel so at ease and respected. It was all my favorite!”


“The retreat experience was incredible from start to finish. Kristina thought of everything-- big + small to make this a truly intimate amazing experience. I felt safe within our group + got more out of it then I could have ever asked for. The retreat was the perfect length with lots of time for taking it all in. It didn't feel rushed or hurried. It was perfect!”


“Kristina provides a beautiful and spiritual journey full of soul filling experiences that will change your internal well-being in the most gentle and positive way. She is truly a healer of the mind, body and soul! XO”


“The most amazing unexpected sense of freedom and peace. The greatest space and wonderful people, relaxing and lots of space at your own pace to be able to really process. Truly a gift.”


“This retreat was exactly what I needed to move forward and let go of that which doesn’t serve me anymore.”


“Kristina is an authentic person who puts on a safe and welcoming experience. Her attention to detail and creating a comfortable space makes the journey into the depths of your soul an easier process. With a down to earth, raw personality she helped me into a journey that was out of my comfort zone. Many thanks and much love.”


“This retreat will "level up" your spirituality, challenge your inner beliefs + limitations and could very well change your life like it did mine.”


“It was honestly life changing for me. Kristina is amazing and the energy of a group of women is empowering”


“ I cannot say enough about Kristina! If you want to truly change your life in a positive way then reach out and book with her!!! I will be joining her again this fall for the next retreat she hosts. Love love love “


Understanding Shadow Work

You Are Your Greatest Healer

Shadow Work is incredibly powerful. It allows you to unlock the parts of you that have been pushed away for many years and expands your capacity to feel all of who you are beyond the program you have been running to survive.


Shadow work isn’t about being in the darkness all the time.

It is actually about creating balance between our light and our dark.

Shadow work is about acceptance of all of who we are.

You do not need to spend your life trying to escape the parts of yourself that you find uncomfortable.


You are not all love and light.


By-passing your darkness will eventually hit a brick wall. 

You were not meant to sustain in one constant state.


Embracing the feminine is embracing the dark and the light of the feminine.

The ebb and flow of the feminine is represented in the many phases of the moon as it ebbs and flows every month.


You are a cycle of light and dark.


Holding on to one which is more favorable or comfortable stops flow and creates stagnancy, blockages and dis-ease.


Blocks show up in our mind, body and spirit in different ways but they take away from our ability to connect fully to our dharma and our highest potential. 


Blocks create self limiting beliefs and behaviors and limit our growth.


Your shadows are welcome.

Your shadows are acceptable.

They are simply attached and need a space to release.

About Your Stay

This Retreat is located at a private executive residence with two attached fully furnished homes and a separate studio space for yoga, meditation, personal growth work and ceremony. There are six available spaces for guests to attend and accommodations are as follows: 4 Private Rooms with Queen Beds and a Shared Bathroom and 1 Shared Loft Space with Two Queen Beds and Private Bathroom.


East Sooke on is located on Southern Vancouver Island and is home to bears, cougars, wolves and many other species of wildlife including Eagles, Otters, Orcas and more.   The weather can often be stormy and foggy but has the beauty and feel of the West Coast.  It is suggested to pack layers of clothing to accommodate the sometimes chilly and blustery days.

Ocean East Sooke Retreat
Dock Picture East Sooke Retreat
Sunset East Sooke Retreat

Retreat FAQ's

What are the accomodations?

Accomodations are private with a shared bathroom, with the exception of the loft suite which is shared with a private ensuite.

What if I have food allergies or sensitvities?

Our Chef is qualified to take care of any food allergies or sensitivities in a professional and safe matter.


What if I don't have a meditation practice?

There is no prior experience in yoga or meditation needed to take part in the retreat.


Do I have to be sober to attend the retreat?

No, you do not need to be living sober to attend the retreat, the retreat itself however is alcohol free.

How do I secure my spot?

A $250 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration with the remainder of the fee due within 30 days.


What is the cancellation policy?

* 100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before retreat start date.
* 50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before retreat start date.
* 0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before retreat start date.

Remaining Balance
* Remaining balance is due 30 days before the retreat start date.
* If paid at the time of booking, a full refund of the remaining balance is available up to 30 days before your retreat start date.
* If you cancel 0-29 days before your retreat start date remaining balance is not refundable

Here is a look at what to expect over the four day retreat coming October 26th……


Thursday, October 26th: 
4pm-5pm: Check-In
6:00pm-7:00pm: Dinner
7:30pm: Opening Circle: Breathwork & Meditation Practice with Intention Setting


Friday, October 27th:
7:45am-8:45am: Morning Movement & Meditation
9:00am-10:00am: Breakfast
10:15am-1:00pm: Shadow Work with Group Coaching Session
1:00pm-2:00pm: Lunch 
3:00 pm -5:00pm: Forest Therapy with Sarah & Free Time
6:00pm-7:00pm Dinner
7:30pm-9:00pm: Evening Breathwork with Open Writing Practice

Saturday, October 28th:
7:45am-8:45am: Morning Movement & Meditation
9:00am-12:00pm: Breakfast, Free Time & Spa Treatments
12:30-1:30pm: Lunch
2:00-5:30pm: Free Time & Body Treatments
6:00pm-7:00pm: Silent Dinner
7:30pm-9:30pm:  Ancestor Connection Ceremony & Integration

Sunday, October 29th:
7:30am-8:30am: Morning Meditation
8:45am-9:45am: Breakfast
10:15am-11:00am: Closing Circle 
11:00am-12:00pm: Check-out


Forest Therapy Walks

Gently Guides Forest Therapy Walks with Sarah

Forest Therapy, also known as Forest Bathing and Shinrin-Yoku, is a therapeutic practice that guides people to an inner state of relaxation and sensory restoration through doing a series of sensory oriented invitations that bring them into present moment relationship with the forest. It is a gentle, physically undemanding practice that takes place in an area of forest or along a forest trail. The practice supports the health of both humans and forests. 

As part of your retreat experience you will be taken on a guided forest therapy walk with Sarah to help your ground and integrate your experience.

Woman Alone in Forest

My Intentions:

As your host it is my mission to make sure you are seen and heard in our time together and it is my intention to create and hold a space for you to be yourself, be vulnerable and be open to making whatever changes your heart desires.  Retreats are an amazing way to connect to others but mostly to yourself and your inner truth.


This space is being created for you to let go and connect to that truth without the noise of all the other influences we are faced with on a daily basis, from society and the media, to the opinions of our immediate family and friends.  This is a space to find and be with you, your true calling, to connect to your dharma and to solidify your journey here on this Earthly walk.  


Fall is the time of letting go, it prepares you for the stillness of winter, allows you the opportunity to experience this first hand, to grow and to really let go of old beliefs and behaviors that do not serve you.  


Trust me you don’t want to miss this!!

Investment: $1300

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