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Are you ready to explore the Dark Feminine?


Do you want to harness the power of the Dark Feminine and learn to use your shadow self as your superpower?


Are you ready to fully embody all of the aspects of who you are to create a thriving life?


Do you want to learn more about shadow work and how powerful it can be to shape it into your daily life?

Join Kristina Margaret as she guides you through Shadow Work in this 3 Day Workshop that will allow you harness the power you have within to heal, transform and transcend into your highest self.

Join my FREE Live Three Day Workshop
Exploring The Dark Feminine

In this three day workshop I will teach you the power of ritual through sacred modalities and your connection to the planet and the universe, help you shift self limiting beliefs and learn to expand your capacity to shift your frequency to attract what you desire in life.

Day One
Deepening Connection

See what happens when you remove yourself from the societal idea of who we are and intentionally connect to your true self through rituals that coincide with sacred modalities, our connection to the elements and nature's natural state of flow.

Day Two
The Wounded Feminine Culture

Learn how through deep conditioning our self limiting ideas and beliefs have been formed with the foundation of a Wounded Feminine Culture.

Day Three
Creating Capacity To Shift

Learn how to expand your capacity to hold space for all the pieces of your being mind, body & spirit to allow yourself to shift into a higher frequency of living.

Ready To Explore Your Dark Feminine?

Hello Goddess,
 I'm Kristina,

I’m a Certified Holistic Coach & Embodiment Practitioner!!

I work with women to empower them to become their highest self through deep exploration of their shadow self. I teach online programs and host incredible workshops and retreats that offer women empowerment through Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda, Somatics, Female Sexuality and Trauma Healing. I work with women to heal oppressive wounds and self limiting beliefs through different teachings and modalities that allow them to embrace all of the aspects of who they are and transform their lives to live the life they desire.


What Others Have To Say

Stage Mist

Kristina provides a beautiful and spiritual journey full of soul filling experiences that will change your internal well-being in the most gentle and positive way. She is truly a healer of the mind, body and soul! XO

Stage Mist

Kristina is an authentic person who puts on a safe and welcoming experience. Her attention to detail and creating a comfortable space makes the journey into the depths of your soul an easier process. 

It was honestly life changing for me. Kristina is amazing and the energy of a group of women is empowering.

I'm ready!! Sign Me Up!!!
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