Manifest Your Most Empowered Self

Moon Magic: Manifesting 101

Working with the moon can make women feel empowered and intentional in their lives.  There is a lot of trendy moon talk these days and what a great way to bring awareness to the possibilities that working with the moon can have.  Manifesting with the cycles of the energy of the moon can connect you to your femininity and your own lunar cycle as it exists in the body.  The moon phase cycle is 28 days the same as or close to a woman's cycle, this means we experience the same ebbs and flows as the moon and when we become more attuned with our own lunar cycle we become more attuned with the cycles of Mother Moon in the sky.

I’ve been working with manifesting with the moon for a couple of years and as I am bringing new things into my life I am also always making room and letting go of old things at the same time.  

What is Manifesting????  Here's what you need to know….

The first thing you should really know is that you have already manifested your entire life this far!! 
Now this may have you thinking like HELL YES or you may be saying FUCK NO….heres the thing most manifesting is done so subtly you aren’t even aware you are doing it.


We are so trained to be human “doings” we are rarely intentionally setting out to draw things into our life by being a human “being”.  The more presence and stillness you have with yourself the more you will hear what it is your inner wise woman is yearning for.  We are so busy living in a world of hustling for everything we “want” or “need”, we think that that same energy is what goes into manifesting, and it's quite the opposite.  When you begin to hear your true self through connection of the felt sense you will start to see all that you desire is already within you and continuing to access that awareness will bring you more insight into what you want to manifest next.

There are two times in a month that you want to work with the moon: the New Moon (Dark Moon) and the Full Moon.  Though many people believe the New Moon is for bringing in and the Full Moon is for letting go they are actually working together, we are always letting go of something and making room for bringing something new in.  It is the natural rhythms of life as seen in our own monthly cycle.  In terms of working with the moon and our cycle if you’re aligned with the moon and your body is working with its natural flow you will be either shedding or ovulating during one of these two points in the month.  There are many reasons your cylce may not be lined up with the moon cycle, you may be on a form of contraceptive, you may be experiencing hormonal changes, you may be menopausal or perimenopausal or you may be living a lifestyle that doesn’t support being aligned with nature (high stress, over exercising, just to name a few)  If your cycle is not lined up with the moon cycle you are not broken, also you can still work with Moon Magic because you’re the feminine energy of the moon no matter what stage you are at in life or what your current situation is. Also the more you start working with the moon and become aware of yourself the more likely you will start lining up with it.

Aside from our own lunar cycle there is always lots happening astrologically and each moon phase is ruled by different planets, retrogrades and astrological signs that all affect us from month to month making life super easy-going (HA!!)  You do not have to be up to date on all the universal astrology in order to work with the moon and the moon phases but if you want to you can always google the current astrology associated with the month to get further insight on what is happening.  I often do this when I want to know where the best place for my energy to be focused on is for the specific month or moon. I then will add this to my ritual for some extra potency. 

Whatever you decide to do, making the choice to put some of your energy into working with the moon can never steer you wrong and you will always be surprised by the amount of times your current emotional and mental state lines up exactly with what is happening energetically.  It may seem like there is so much to learn when it comes to working with the moon and you may really not know where to start, so I have outlined below exactly where to start and what you can do to be a Magical Manifesting Moon Goddess. 

Moon Magic Rituals

Creating rituals is both fun and extremely powerful and it’s as easy as putting a half hour aside once or twice a month that is dedicated to “you time”. 

As I said before, you may want to work with the energies of the New Moon and the Full Moon to release and to manifest. When you release things that are holding you back you can then create room for new energy to come in. You cannot bring in new energy into your life that will promote happiness, wellness or abundance without letting go of something old and unserving. Instead this will keep in the energies of pushing and pulling which constantly work against each other, rather than the ebb and flow of the natural rhythms of the universe. 


Getting started with how to prepare for a moon ritual can feel overwhelming. “What do I do?! “ 

Here I have outlined exactly where you can start:


1. Create a ritual space:

If you don’t already have a space to do meditation, get on it! This can literally be a small corner of your bedroom, your office or your den to sit on the floor and have some quiet space. Any space will do but you have to have somewhere that you can spend time with yourself uninterrupted, and if this space can’t happen for you anywhere then make it happen in the bathtub. Once you get used to actually putting a place aside for you in your own home you may even expand and create spaces outside too, like on the deck or in the garden, giving you different options to have you time in. 

Once you’ve found your spot you want your space to have some special things in it that will signal to the brain that it’s quiet time. Whether it’s a plant, a statue, a couple of crystals, a stick of incense or a full blown altar, you want the brain to know to tell the body that whenever you come to this place it's time to be with yourself. This means the space is only used for “you time” and nothing else. 

Now depending on what the astrology is happening during the particular moon you are working with you may want to get specific with what crystals, candles, herbs and smudge you want to use. You may also want to call in and work with different deities, goddesses or archetypes, whatever you are using match them with the associated astrological signs, emotional attachments or energetic qualities at play for this particular time or don’t, it is entirely up to you and though they made aide you in creating your rituals, your intention is incredibly powerful and never underestimate it on its own because remember it has already gotten you this far!

Now you’ve set the stage!

It's time to work your magic Moon Goddess!!


2.  Meditation 

Let’s begin, perhaps lighting your candle, your incense, some smudge, get your diffuser going, put some lovely music on and then take a few breaths to get centred and begin a short meditation. 

Meditation is not a woo woo way of turning off the mind and being an enlightened saint! 

It is simply being with yourself in the present moment exactly how it is and not living in the mind. This means if you’re anxious and your mind won’t stop talking to you about everything then you breathe into that and say “I hear you” and then take a breath and bring the awareness back to the breath again and again and if you do this 100 times then so be it. This is how we connect to the body and without this connection we are just “trying”. It is very important to take a few moments to take some breaths, bring your awareness to the breath and the body as it is seated in your ritual space. The more often you do this, the faster the brain will start telling the body it is in the space where it’s time to be focused on you and nothing else. 
Please be aware when you’re not used to doing this your brain may really resists and this is why most people “quit” because they feel there's something wrong with them (bla bla bla) - not true! Your brain is simply used to being in charge all the time and not used to being with the body which is a way of keeping you safe, it is the primal brain being in charge of your survival but you can change this with more and more awareness.  If you want some extra help you may want to start by listening to a guided meditation that is as short or as long as you like, whatever the case getting centred in the right head/body space is important and as long as you are making the effort you’re winning. 


3. Intention Setting 

Now that you are centred you want to create an intention (sankalpa). This is your heart's desire. You can begin by placing your hand on your heart and taking a few breaths, noticing the sensations associated with this feeling of your hand on your chest and from here just staying with the breath and the sensation of your hand touching your body.  You can close your eyes and just be with the rhythms of your breath as it fills the heart space, notice the rise and fall of the chest here, and again when the mind wanders just bringing the awareness back to the breath and the sensations of the hand on the heart. Now you can create your intention, your intention is essentially an affirmation you are stating to yourself, so you want that intention to start with “I am…..” 
Here is the key to intention, when you want to manifest something in your life, when you want to create the heart’s desire into intentional manifestation you have to affirm it into yourself.  

That is a conscious choice to create this magic into your life.
The way we do this is not by “wanting” something………”SAY WHAT???”...”But don’t I WANT my heart's desire???”....

The answer is both yes and no….your heart can only desire what it knows or has experienced at some point in its existence...this means what it desires is always within you, so you don’t need to go seeking and chasing it you just need to awaken it….and everything that is within you is grown and manifested within you as well…..

“Still with me?” 

More simply you want to create an affirmation that allows you to release while bringing in…(“ I am letting go of negative self talk” & “I love myself unconditionally”) by affirming that you already love yourself you are acknowledging its existence within you, rather than it being an outside source that you need to go somewhere to get. 

For the next step you can take a piece of paper and write this down in one clear sentence, or if you have a bunch of things that need to be written then take your journal and let it all out until you can come up with one affirming sentence to articulate what your desire is and what you are letting go of.

4. Building A Bridge From The Heart

Desire begins in the heart but all things we create grow in the womb, so you must build a bridge from the heart to the womb to grow and manifest the heart's desire.  

Connecting to the heart space, heart centre, heart chakra are all the same thing with a different name as is the same for the womb, womb space or sacral chakra.  As we manifest we are doing so from the energetic centres of these places within the body.   All things we create come from these spaces and need to be loved, nourished and grown to flourish into form. 

If you have written your desire down then fold the paper up and place it in your hand, if you are using a crystal or stone you can hold your stone in your hand with your intention, and as you affirm to yourself your heart's desire “ I love myself unconditionally” you can place your hands one on the heart and one on the womb space and with your awareness and with your mind's eye picturing an energetic bridge of energy (like a string of light) connecting these two places, while you are doing this saying your affirmation to yourself three times or how ever many times feels right to you.  

Now this might be a great place to call it a night, you can take your crystal and your affirmation and place it in your meditation space to work its magic, while coming back to this space as often as you like journaling and checking in on your stone and perhaps tucking your little piece of paper inside your journal pages and letting it be…..

…or there are couple of other ways you can go from here depending if you are working with the New Moon or the Full Moon and how witchy you want to get.

The Moon Made Me Do It: The Wild Woman, The Wise Woman, The Wolf Woman

The Full Moon's potent light is great for charging crystals and as it is known to pull the tides in it is great for making moon water as well.  As the moon holds the feminine aspect energetically, so does water, and they flow together to help grow your intentions with the bridge you build from your heart to your womb.  

It is good to know that when you are working with the moon and its cycles, you are not working with a small window of time, so don’t panic. In fact you can work with the energy of either the New Moon or the Full Moon for a couple of days after its arrival, this will actually help you to affirm your intentions even greater.

Now working with the energy of a New Moon Ritual is just as powerful as a Full Moon Ritual it just doesn't get nearly as much attention. Here’s the difference: the Full Moon is the end of a cycle; it has reached its fullest point and it wanes back to its beginning, the New Moon.  Therefore the New Moon is all about new beginnings and an amazing time to be pushing forward with creating and manifesting new and wonderful things into your life.  Though the Full Moon allows you to manifest and grow too, its power allows you to let go, with a little pull, of those last bits of things holding you back before working towards what is next and new for you. Even though there isn't a huge presence of the illuminated sky with a New Moon there is a subtle presence and in that subtly, is the potential for great growth. This is why it is so great to work with both the Full Moon and the New Moon together each month with your intentions.

If you want to take your ritual to the next level I have a few (of many) different options to work with here:

Option One: if you are using a crystal for the Full Moon Ritual, once you have affirmed your intention with your stone,  you can place that stone with a pinch of salt in a jar or glass of water and place the jar outside or in a window ledge to receive the energy of the moon light overnight.  You can then take your intention affirmation paper and place it under the cup of water.  The next day you can sit in your meditation space and do a meditation practice affirming your intention again while drinking the glass of moon water.  You then can keep the charged crystal in your ritual/meditation space to further your meditation.


Option Two: once you have written your affirmation and have placed your stone in the water, you can then burn the affirmation in your burning bowl with your altar candle and place the ash into the jar of water and again set it out to be in the moonlight overnight.  The next day you can draw a bath, take the ash moon water (including your crystal) and pour it into the tub with the awareness of your intention, take the bath while and do some meditation allowing yourself to again affirm your intention. Enjoy the bath for as long as you like and once you are done drain the tub allowing  the water and ash to wash away, giving your intention back to the power of the earth.  Take the crystal and place it in your ritual/meditation space to further your meditation.


Option Three: follow the step above in option two but this time after the water and ash has been in the moonlight overnight take the stone out and bury it in the garden or anyone where you like (your favourite hiking trail, beach, spot along the river) once you have buried the stone begin you meditation and saying allowed your affirmation (“I love myself unconditionally”), then pour the ash water over the buried stone. (Another option here is to buy a plant and burry the stone at the bottom of the planter and then place the plant in the pot, finishing planting and adding the moonlight water and your intentions)

Option Four: if you want work with water still place the crystal in the water as we stated above and a few pitches of salt, you can take your intention and place it under the water just as before, leave it with your altar candle (if in a safe container and place) until the candle burns out.  The next day take the water and drink it the same as you would have for the full moon practice or place it in the bath and follow the same steps we spoke of earlier.  

All of the options we covered in the moonlit can be used in the New Moon Rituals too just omit putting the moon water outside, instead keep it in your meditation space charging with just the crystal (this is just as powerful).  

These are just a small amount of ritual styles you can try and like I said if you don’t want to take it this far, you really don’t have too and if you want to take it further then do that too.  The most important things are keeping to your truest intentions, following your hearts desires and learning to listen to the body and its natural wisdom.  There are no shoulds or musts here or wrong or right, if your intentions are coming from puriety and the goodness of your soul then that is what you will receive back.  There is no good karma or bad karma just cause and effect, so you put out, is what you will get back.  Remember this, your intentions are bringing you exactly what you are asking for whether you realize it or not.














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