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The Women Of Spirit House

Kristina Margaret

Kristina is a Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Sexual Empowernment Coach.  Kristina is passionate & honest and believes in seeking & speaking personal truths.  She is trauma informed, often using Somatics in her practices, a yoga & meditation teacher, a Level Two Reiki Practioner, Tarot Reader & Intuituve.  Kristina is taking bookings for one-on-one coaching, tarot readings & reiki treatments.



Jordin is an intuitive reader who works for the sake of her heart.  Using tarot and Oracle decks as her main form of divination.  She taps into her clients energies with perfect love & perfect trust.  Her vision for this art is to allow clients to be vulnerable and safe within the enviroment she provides.  Her intention is for clients to leave with a clear mind and deeper understanding to their issues at hand.



Born in an 11th century Medieval town, Korinna comes from a long line of ‘intuitives’ who have held the tradition of what is commonly known as the ‘Old Way’. Her grandmother taught her about the power of plants and the art of living in the world (but not of it). Korinna gained a broad cultural experience of having worked in Germany, India, Thailand, and Australia for Not-for-profit organizations in the Environment and in areas of advocating for Social Justice. 

Korinna has blended her inherited ‘knowing’ with the cultural wisdom from the countries where she stayed. Having spent deep time with shamans, Tibetan Lamas, mystics, and kitchen witches, the Motherpeace tarot blends Korinna’s experiences beautifully since this deck draws from the myths and legends holding ancient insights from around the world. She has been using this portal to trigger and focus her intuitive talents for 32 years. You will enjoy the warmth and empathy, as well as accuracy and insight, of a reading with Korinna. 


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