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 ​About  Kristina....


Kristina is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister registered with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry recognized with the province of British Columbia. Certified as a Holistic Coach & Somatic Embodiment Practitioner, Kristina’s work with women began over a decade ago as a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner.


Throughout the past several years she has studied Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda, Spirituality, Trauma informed Care, Somatic Experiencing and Breathwork. There have been many moving parts to Kristina’s journey; for a long while she lost sight of her path and lost connection to the wisdom she carried. It has been through her recovery from substance abuse, self sabotaging behaviors, dis-ordered eating and trauma that she has learned how to reconnect to that divine truth and the wisdom that her body held to move beyond her visceral memories of trauma and live a life of connection, authenticity and alignment.


She has worked with many  women to help them reconnect to their own divine wisdom through coaching, teaching and life changing retreats on Vancouver Island. ​She believes deeply in our ability to heal ourselves by reconnecting to the truth of who we are beyond the stories of our conditioning that are being held both collectively and uniquely within our own nervous systems.  Through the somatic experience of gently guided breathwork, poetry and meditation practices Kristina invites women to meet themselves where they are at while  learning how to honor and trust their mind, body and spirit.  Within these powerful yet subtle practices the body does the work of releasing the stories of the past by letting the ghosts of the old versions of ourselves transform into newly expanded energy that allows for our light and dark to alchemize. ​


Though Kristina is known as a strong woman for overcoming the many obstacles in her life so far, it is through the softness of the feminine that she is able to show women where their truest essence and strength resides. Kristina believes officiating ceremonies to couples and individuals is one of the highest honors and hopes to bring joy and happiness into the lives of many.    



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