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Wild Priestess Ceremonies

Celebrating Life’s Sacred Rites Through Story, Poetry and Ceremony 

Rites of Passage Ceremonies

Rites of Passage such as Maiden, Mother and Crone are often overlooked in this day and age as less meaningful and often shameful times or experiences. Wild Priestess Ceremonies choose to celebrate the phases of a woman and honor old traditions and customs that understood the importance of these Rites of Passage.   Even though women will move through these phases many times in their lifetime, taking the time to honor and recognize a woman's journey is a beautiful and timeless way to celebrate a woman’s many phases of life.

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Wedding Ceremonies:

Every union of souls is unique and tells the tale of a love story. Make your wedding day ceremony captivating with a specially curated story written just for you and your partner. Choose an experience that highlights your vision and will capture the moment in the hearts and minds of you and your guests forever. Wild Priestess Ceremonies best serves couples who are fearlessly expressive and boldly bright lights in the world wanting to create a mystical memorable experience to share with those they love the most. With three types of ceremonies to choose from, find the best that suits your individual desires and bring your dreams to life.


End of Life  Ceremonies:

Navigating through End of Life is the hardest transition of all life's roads.  It is hard to accept the passing and say goodbye to the ones we love. It is important when we are going through this difficult time that our loved ones are represented in a way that honors and respects their life and eases the worry and stress of those who they have left behind to represent them. Wild Priestess Ceremonies believe your loved one deserves to have their wishes, traditions and beliefs respected during their end of life ceremony and will work to make sure they are represented with the highest regard by honoring their life in the ways they loved to live. A time to gather, grieve and celebrate the life of the one you loved.

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