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Coven Collective:

A Year Long Twice Monthly Meetup For Girls 12-17 Years Old

Yoga, Meditation, Manifesting & Spiritual Practices  

Currently In-Progress Returns September 2024


About Coven Collective

Coven Collective:Expansion will offer practices and on-going support for girls who are working on finding their place and their voice in the world. I have created this program to help girls in becoming empowered in who they are through practices like breathwork, meditation, yoga, rituals and ceremonial circles .


Using the teachings of Modern Witchcraft, Ayurveda, Yoga, Somatic Explorations, Breathwork and Holistic Coaching I teach women and young women how to harness their inner wisdom and use their awareness to make choices in their lives that are in alignment with the highest version of themselves. 


My intention is to create a safe space where youth can be open and honest about their experiences and things they would like to change or be supported in in their lives with non judgment and open mindedness. 


Using my own experience and knowledge I support students through asking tough questions that allow them to dig deeper into their own inner wisdom and knowledge. I teach women and girls how to trust their intuition by getting into the body and moving beyond the mind. 


Class lessons will vary depending on the cycle of the moon, the wheel of the year and what is taking place energetically as reference to what supports learnings and manifestations.  


Students learn how to use crystals, herbs, their words, oracle and tarot cards and other tools of divination in support of chosen lessons.  

"What Do Past Students Have To Say?"

"I have found a lot of self confidence and love through this program"

"I loved the community I got. So many emotionally moving & hands on learnings"


"I have grown into myself so much. I can see myself becoming a better version of myself"


"I am forever changed in the best way, you helped me strive to be my best self"


"I am so grateful to be a part of this whole experinece. I am a much more confident version of myself"


If you are a young woman or the guardian of a young woman, and would like to support the growth of her mind, body and spirit that is outside of the societal normality of structured  education, this is a wonderful space for her to learn and expand.


I have offered this container over the past two years to small groups who have integrated into a “level two” offering that has occurred monthly for the past year. Of all the feedback that I have had, the most common complaint is that meeting once a month is not sufficient. That is why I have decided to shift my current offer to twice a month and expand the offering to a year long container that can accept new students at the beginning of the term without taking a “level one” offering first.  


I am very excited to offer this program to any young woman who is looking for something different. This program is also very suitable for a young woman who may not love traditional learning, who has had experiences in her life that have been hard to process or deal with, who has or does struggle socially or with anxiety, depression or self destructive behaviors that show up as low self worth and poor decision making. I work specifically with women in recovery from addiction and trauma as a Holistic Coach and this approach is mirrored in all of my offerings including working with youth in Coven Collective. 


If you are interested in signing up or would like more information please sign up below or contact me at

Returns September 2024


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Want to help a student?

Youth Scholarship Program

I am raising money for a scholarship fund to allow two students to participate in Coven Collective: Expansion starting this September.

My goal is to raise $880. We would love your support.

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