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If you want to dive into Shadow Work this FREE Meditation Series is just what you need to get you started!!

Exploring the Shadow will help you begin to shed the layers of your old programming and lead you into a place of compassionate self acceptance and self love by releasing old beliefs and conditioning. 


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Understanding Shadow Work

You Are Your Healer

Shadow Work is incredibly powerful. It allows you to unlock the parts of you that have been pushed away for many years and expands your capacity to feel all of who you are beyond the program you have been running to survive.

Shadow work isn’t about being in the darkness all the time. It is actually about creating balance between our light and our dark.


Shadow work is about acceptance of all of who we are.


You do not need to spend your life trying to escape the parts of yourself that you find uncomfortable.

You are not all love and light. By-passing your darkness will eventually hit a brick wall. 


You were not meant to sustain in one constant state.


Embracing the feminine is embracing the dark and the light of the feminine.


The ebb and flow of the feminine is represented in the many phases of the moon as it ebbs and flows every month.

You are a cycle of light and dark.


Holding on to one which is more favorable or comfortable stops flow and creates stagnancy, blockages and dis-ease.


Blocks show up in our mind, body and spirit in different ways but they take away from our ability to connect fully to our dharma and our highest potential. 


Blocks create self limiting beliefs and behaviors and limit our growth.


Your shadows are welcome.

Your shadows are acceptable.

They are simply attached and need a space to release.

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3 Part Guided Meditation Journey:

🌙Embracing The Shadow

💫Embodying The Shadow

🔥Empowering The Shadow

This series includes lifetime access to three recorded guided meditations and journal prompts to further explore your experience at the end of each practice.

It is suggested that you do these practices in order over three days to allow yourself time to integrate and process your experience.

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