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Rites of Passage Ceremonies

Maiden Ceremony

A special First Moon Ceremony for young girls moving from childhood to womanhood. Celebrating the young (maiden) woman as she enters her Moon Cycle by recognizing and honoring her changing body and life and she learns to celebrate this phase of being. Guests are encouraged to wear the color red to symbolize the Maiden’s Rite of Passage.

Maiden Ceremony

Ceremony includes the following (additional custom ceremony offerings available upon request):


  • Ceremonial Red Circle w/ friends & family that includes oracle cards and intention setting that is to be shared with the guest of honor

  • Honoring the New Moon & Full Moon by  understanding the moon's connection to a woman's cycle

  • Create a flower crown for the Maiden

  • A toast with non-alcoholic red drink

  • An altar created by the guests with offerings and gifts to the Maiden (Flowers, Crystals, Family Heirlooms, Photos, etc.)

  • Honor the names of mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and other women that may not be able to attend or are no longer with us.

  • Shared conversation about women that each of the guests admired, including grandmothers. Talk about the joys and the struggles of womanhood.

  • Releasing Childhood: choosing an item from childhood that will be released, and leaving it behind as she steps into womanhood 

  • A blessing to the Maiden to be lead into womanhood with love, safety and support 

  • Gift-giving from friends & family

Mother Ceremony

Mother Ceremony

This special Rite of Passage Ceremony is for mothers to be. Centered around blessings for the new mother and baby having a safe passage into the world. This is the Rite of Passage from Maiden to Mother and to be shared surrounded by friends and family as mother to be and baby are blessed and celebrated with a uniquely curated ceremony. 

Each Mother Ceremony includes the following (additional custom ceremony offerings available upon request):


  • Ceremonial Green Circle with a guided Meditation & Blessing which includes Oracle Card Reading for mother to be and guests

  • Offering written words of support and wishes for mother and baby by friends and family

  • Red Thread Ritual: A ball of red thread/cord gets passed around the circle and tied round each woman's wrists. The cord is then kept on everyone's wrists so that they hold the mother to be in their minds and will remove the cord off once the baby is born

  • Everyone is given a candle to take home and light and send their well wishes during the labor

  • Guests asked to bring something to give to mother for the ceremony altar (stone, crystal, shell etc) then brought to the birth charged with the energy of the ceremony

  • Decorating a dream catcher which will hold the group's hopes, wishes and love for mama and the unborn baby.

  • Blessing Salt & Wishes Ritual: ritual salt blessed in ceremony and used as a foot bath for the mother to be during celebration (can be added in addition to giving massage or pampering to the mama to be)

  • Maternal Lineage Acknowledgements: (your mother, her mother, her mother, etc.), acknowledge the women who came before you: wear a special piece of jewelry that belonged to their mother or grandmother, use their photo something of their belongs on the altar, write their name on a piece of paper and add it to the altar

  • Releasing Fear of Motherhood & Birth Ritual through affirmations of strength and positivity 

Crone Ceremony

The Crone Ceremony is a right of passage for a woman who is entering the wise years of her life, a celebration of the wisdom she carries and has to offer. The Crone is a privilege yet society has taught us to fear the old woman, to be afraid of the witch, yet she is the giver of medicine, the keeper of wisdom and the seer of truth.  The Crone Ceremony is a magical event to be shared with all the women in your life. Guests may be asked to wear black symbolizing the wisdom of the Crone.

Crone Ceremony

 Each Crone Ceremony includes the following (additional custom ceremony offerings available upon request):

  • Ceremony Circle with colors Red, Green & Black to honor the cycles the Crone has been through Maiden, Mother & Crone which includes guided Wise Woman Meditation, Oracle Card Reading

  • Initiation of the Crone Ceremony: Naming of the Crone

  • Blessings from friends and family

  • Empty Womb ready to be filled with wisdom: ritual bowl to fill with affirmations of wisdom

    • Paper 

    • Painted Rocks

    • Crystals with intentions spoken into

  • Symbols of initiation Gift: A Custom Staff

  • Drumming, music or poetry celebrating womanhood to be shared by celebrant, family &  friends

  • An Crone altar with photos of female relatives and friends who you feel empowered by as well as items and pictures that represent wisdom 

  • An exchange of gifts or blessings (a croning basket filled with chocolates and herbal teas is popular)

  • Optional ritual bath or cleansing beforehand perhaps at the ocean with ceremonial fire to follow (weather and location dependant) 

Sacred Window Ceremony

This ceremony is conscious postpartum caregiving to the new Mother and baby.  The Sacred Window is rooted in Ayurveda and takes place within the first forty-two days post birth, honoring the journey and bond between Mother and baby.  This ceremony is created to help mother heal, be blessed and bond with her new baby.

Sacred Window Ceremony

 Each Sacred Window Ceremony includes the following (additional custom ceremony offerings available upon request):


  • Custom ceremony and blessing to new baby and mother 

  • Music, food & celebration

  • Mother &  baby foot massages

  • Sharing readings or words to bless mother and baby from friends and family

  • Altar to honor mothers & grandmothers calling on protection to baby and mother

  • Making bath salts with oils and herbs for the mothers postpartum recovery.

  • Guests could each be asked to bring a nutritious dish for the freezer or be invited to sign up a time to drop off a nutritious meal in the coming weeks

  • Preparing teas & tonics to help with milk production and healing

  • Sharing of any family traditions, customs or rites

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