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Holistic Coaching 

Intuitively Crafted Coaching For Women Who Are Seeking Support And Clarity Creating A Life Of Alignment


Finding balance doesn’t always come easily

I lived my life out of balance for a long time. I struggled with low self worth and a lot of self judgment. These behaviours kept me stuck in patterns and belief systems, like not being good enough and not having value to offer the world.


It took me a long time to take responsibility for my life and the direction I was heading. I was so absorbed in being a victim to my circumstances even though I was creating and participating in those circumstances, and because I was so absorbed in this victimhood I sought other people, places and things that attracted the same draining and disempowering energy.

My relationships both romantic and other mirrored this, I allowed myself to be used and disrespected time and time again, and then I would blame the people around me for the constant drama I was taking part in because I was unable to see my role in my own life and choices.

It wasn’t until I began doing some deep work on myself and my beliefs that I was able to break these cycles, own my shit and create the life I actually deserved and desired. I took radical responsibility for who and what I was giving my time and energy to, and stopped focusing on what was wrong in my life and began to embrace what was right.  

It is fair to say we are not living in a society that teaches us we are enough. Most of us are not raised by parents who believed they were enough and were then unable to teach their children to be enough.  

Even though we feel like we are alone and that no one could possibly understand our story, our pain, our sadness or our stuckness, I assure you, we are not.  


There are so many women not living to their full potential because they don’t believe in themselves, because they were never taught self love, worthiness, self-esteem, or how to be truly empowered in who they are,  just as they are.

Learning that you’re enough, that you have value and nothing is broken or wrong with you can literally save your life.


When you’re stuck around others who do not believe in themselves you too will bear the weight of that belief. On the other hand, if you begin to change your mindset with deep self exploration and shed beliefs about yourself at your core, your entire world will change.

I know these beliefs go deep and I know facing our truth and the emotions that come with it is terrifying.  
It is easier to stay in the pattern, to put your head down and carry on but this is a life not lived!!

We all know so many women who have lived so many unfulfilled and unhappy lives.  

We all know these women because they are our mothers, our grandmothers, our aunts, our sisters, our friends and ourselves!!

There have been too many women who have sacrificed entire life times to “do the right thing” or because “it could be worse”......


Let me tell you something...all of those unfulfilled dreams, all that sadness of the women who came before you, it lives in you too!  Becoming aligned doesn’t just heal you, it heals them!! 


Becoming aligned is empowering and heals the women around you, in our communities and in the more women who wake up, who see their potential, who shine their light and see how amazing they are, the brighter our world will be.


Are you still telling yourself the same old stories about who you are and what your life is supposed to be like?


Are you making excuses?


Are you stuck in being a victim and attatched to your story?


You may believe you can’t change, you may believe you’re not worth it, and you may not even know how deeply you believe this because you have lived it for so long. 


Maybe you’re saying things like “It's not that bad” or “It could be worse” or maybe you believe you have “bad luck” or that no matter how hard you try you just can’t change and no one will ever help you.  


Maybe, you keep trying to make changes but you don’t have the right support in your life, maybe you’re still surrounded by people that bring you down instead of up. 


You might be stuck in behaviours and patterns that are so ingrained in your life that you don’t even know where you would start.

Imagine that you knew  just being you was enough. 

Imagine just being your “flawed” imperfect self with your own story and your own experiences was enough.


 If you don’t drop the shame and beliefs around who you are and what you have to offer things will never change.


If you don’t get inside and find the truth in who you are and what you deserve, you will continue to be disempowered.

You can not thrive in hopelessness. You cannot expand your being from a place of darkness.

If you don’t get real and get honest with yourself about how you’re living, then you are going to stay living your life through someone else's eyes, through someone else’s beliefs, that never belonged to you to begin with.

There was nothing empowering about how I used to live my life.  Everyday my choices were filled with self destruction. I didn’t take care of any part of my life the way I should. I was reckless with men and in relationships, I didn’t take care of my mental, physical or emotional health.  I didn’t honour life,  my spiritual self or spiritual journey.

I took my life for granted!!


I filled my time and energy with mindless activities like drinking too much, eating too much, scrolling too much and worrying too much.

I ignored my intuition, never spoke my truth, lived afraid, tired and lonely all the time.  I was waiting to be rescued…..I had to wake up and realize the only one who was going to save me was me!!! I was the only person who was going to make better choices for myself, I had to realize I couldn’t keep making excuses. I had to realize I couldn’t give all my energy into trying to control and fix others.

So I got real and I started living!!! 

I owned my role in my own life and I stopped being a victim to the choices I was making for myself. 

I took radical responsibility and got my life together. I dove into my shadow and found the pieces of me that were buried and forgotten.  


I recreated my life and who I was in it….I started leading the way on my own journey and didn’t stop when I hit a bump in the road.  I stopped giving up and giving in and I started living the best life I had ever lived and I became the most empowered version of myself in the process. I created this program for women to embrace their lives and become empowered in who they are no matter where they came from. I want to help women see how great they are so they will then offer thier gifts to the world. Staying small does not serve the world and everyone has something beautiful to offer the world, they just need to tap into it and believe it.

Holistic  Coaching Container:

  • Rewrite Your Story & Lead With Purpose

  • Honour Your Journey 

  • Cultivate Self Belief, Self Worth & Self Empowerment

  • Create A Loving & Compassionate Relationship With Yourself

  • Heal From The Inside Out

  • Learn To Intuitively Listen And Connect To Your True Self

  • Activate Your Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

My Holistic Coaching Packages offer women an opportunity to gain clarity in their life. It offers  them a chance to make changes in their life based on the highest self, it allows women to see they have choice and that they can go from coping, to healing, to thriving.


This program is a chance to rewrite your story based on wholehearted living and choices that suit your truth, your needs and your desires.


Holistic Coaching offers women a place of safety and non judgement where they can address key issues in their lives without shame or guilt. 


This is a container that has been created to support women in their mental, emotional and spiritual growth and offers a journey that is not based on a linear timeline but rather an intuitive flow. 


Holistic  Coaching allows women to get the exact support they need based on their individual journey and needs. 

What’s Included?

Customized Coaching Package​

  • One one One Support

  • Bi-Weekly 60-90 Minute Coaching Calls 

  • Email, Text or Call Support 24/7

  • Weekly Homework & Accountability Check-In



What type of support is available after the program? 

If you like further support there are options to extend your coaching container.


What type is holistic coaching? 

Holistic coaching is supporting  the clients needs on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. 


Is there a specific layout of this program?

No. This program is designed around the clients individual needs and will flow intuitively to match those needs. 


Interested In Learning More About 

Becoming Aligned With Your Highest Self


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