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Breathwork Offerings

What is breathwork? 


Breathwork is conscious use of the breath through controlled techniques that influence a person's mental, emotional and physical state. 

Benefits Of Breathwork

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, grief, depression and anger

  • Increases Energy 

  • Increases Immune System

  • Increases Self Awareness

  • Improves Sleep

  • Release Trauma Stuck in the Body

  • Helps Reduce Chronic Pain

  • Helps Release Toxins From the Body

  • Improves Digestion

  • Allows Exploration of Altered States of Consciousness


As part of my practicum I am offering all of my breathwork sessions for FREE however if you would like to offer an exchange for sessions I am currently looking for donations to go towards a scholarship fund I have started for my Coven Collective Program in hopes to raise money for teen girls who are interested in the program but may not have the financial means to support them in attending. 

Choose Your Breathwork Practice

What is an Integrative Breathwork Practice?

Integrative Breathwork is a way to connect to the breath in 8 minutes or less in an active breath pattern.  This is a great way to bring more presence and more awareness into your everyday life interactions. Integrative Breathwork is a way to reset and clear out old imprints and stuck energies left in the body that cause blocks like fears and limitations. Though this practice does not take you into an altered state it does enhance and shift energy in your conscious awareness.  

Listening to Music

What is a Meditative Breathwork Practice?

Meditative Breathwork is the practice of connecting to an active breathing pattern for greater than 8 minutes that allows the breather to experience altered states of consciousness that promote deep self healing and transformation. This practice is to be done laying down so the breather can rest into the depth of the experience and fully receive the power of the offering. 

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 Meditative Session

 60 Minute Meditative Breathwork Session

Top view of the beautiful mature woman laying at the yoga mat and relaxing at home. Calm l

 Integrative Session

30 Minute Integrative Breathwork Session


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