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Conjuring Your Inner Desires

A 5 Week Journey For Women To Manifest Their Deepest Desires And Create An Abundant Life Beyond Their Wildest Dreams

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For a long time I believed the only way to create the life I wanted was to work hard.


I wanted to live a different kind of life but I was stuck in the ways I had been raised. 


I had deep core beliefs that left me in lack, I didn’t believe in my own abilities to create abundance or in my ability to fulfill my own desires. 


I struggled with the belief that dreams don’t always come true and were meant to just be dreams and nothing more.


I believed that I had to be more gifted, more talented, smarter and more deserving if I wanted to have a life where I was happy, successful, abundant and fulfilled.


I believed that life was about hard work and hard lessons and often judged others who seemed to have things “just falling in their lap”


I judged other people's success because I didn’t believe that I was capable of having my own because I was a victim of almost everything. Whether it was money or happiness I lived with the belief that I wasn’t enough and therefore, I would never achieve what I desired.


What I dreamt and desired for myself was always in a future that I could never quite get to and never in the present.  I had no idea how to get what I wanted, I created vision boards, journaled, visualized and learned how to feel what I desired on the inside.


I used phases like  “One day I will get there” but even then I didn’t truly know how to do that.


I said a lot of things like “Oh well”, “That's just the way it is.”.

I commonly used words that followed my dreams and desires like “maybe”, “never”, “who knows”  and “probably not”.


I never gave myself credit for the things I was accomplishing or milestones I was meeting.


I often would achieve a goal but then not have the confidence to move forward and achieve the bigger dream. I would picture a part of my life I desired but wouldn't know how to get to it and then with my frustration and lack of self belief I would quit and fall back into my pattern of being a victim by self sabotaging what I was trying to create or put things off that I wanted because I was too afraid to achieve them.


I also spent a lot of time with other people who also didn’t believe in themselves or their ability to achieve greatness, which only brought my own energy and vibe down.


As I child I remember when I had a dream or an ambition I was told time and time again how unobtainable those ideas were, how much time they would take or how expensive they would be, and so eventually I would give up on them, throw them to the side and stick to what was safe and what was comfortable, which was one dead end job after another living pay cheque to pay cheque and often not having enough money to meet my basic needs or bills.

I know it is easy to give up when you're feeling defeated, tired, sick of trying.  Sometimes going for what you want can be exhuasting. You can lose faith in yourself and your ability to create great things for yourself when it feels like everything is a dead end. You may even be thinking you will never figure things out and there is no way your dreams will ever come true but I assure you that is not the case.

I began manifesting work when I started to do moon rituals. Working with the moon gave me a chance to go deeper than I had before, question my beliefs and methods when it came to creating what I wanted to create


I began to understand the flow of energy of harnessing what I wanted to create in the moment. I began to understand what I wanted to obtain for my future existed not in the furture but in the present and the only real way to create that was to feel what it would feel like to have already obtained that.

The universe delivers exactly what we are asking for.


We may not know that we are getting what we put out because we still haven’t gotten the thing we really want.  This is because your energy and your focus are directed at what you don’t want and not what you want.  

Manifesting isn’t wishing

Manifesting isn’t hoping

Manifesting isn’t pushing 


Manifesting is being the energy of what is it you want in your life now!!!!


When you are truly manifesting you are flowing.  You cannot force what you already are.  You do not have to push hard to make anything happen when you’re already in the energy of its existence. 


There is no future, there is only now and when you are able to learn what it feels like to have the things you desire now then you will attract them.

You'll Have Some Work To Do To Draw In What You Want:

  • You have to remove the blocks within your consciousness that do not trust or believe in the power of the universe.  


  • You have to remove the fear that holds you back from getting what you desire.


  • You have to be willing to face whatever comes at you and to surrender to anything being possible.


  • You have to be willing to say goodbye to parts of you that do not fit the version of you that you want to create.


  • You have to let go of controlling the path to where you desire to be and allow it to unfold on its own, down its own road, even if that road isn’t what you thought it would be.

We often think that if we can be in control of what is happening then we can also control the outcome but the energy of control is constricting and doesn’t allow for growth or change.  

We often think we can stay the same and change at the same time but we cannot have a new way of life or a fulfilled desire as we are or we would have it or be it already.

We have to believe in our ability to manifest

We have to believe we are just as powerful as the most abundant person we have ever seen.  


When you know this and believe this you start creating new life, new ways and new awareness of your oneness with every other being and the universe itself.


The truth is nothing is coming to find you. 


You have to change your energy to match the energy of what you want.  

You cannot do this without some discomfort. 

You cannot become a new you without letting go of some deep parts of who you currently are.

The only thing stopping you from having what you desire is your beliefs about yourself and your ability to obtain that desire.

The only thing stopping you, is you and not because you don’t deserve it but because a part of you believes you can’t have it.

Since I Started Manifesting

MY Inner Desires I Have:

  • Created A Brick And Mortar Business (during a pandemic) That Is Thriving

  • Completed THREE Coaching Certifications 

  • Began hosting SOLD OUT Retreats

  • Became A TWICE Published Author

  • Hosted Numerous Online Workshops, Moon Circles & Meditations 

  • CREATED & SOLD Incredible Programs for Women & Youth 

  • Became Financially Independent

  • Created The Goddess Conjurer Podcast

  • Become a Thriving Sober Living Woman

  • Began Inspiring Other Women To Live Better Lives

It wasn’t until I started to work with and understand the ways of the universe that I really started to understand how manifesting worked. I was stuck in the energy of “making things happen” rather than letting the flow of things come together.  I was stuck in old conditioning and belief systems that didn’t allow for growth.

There is no forcing things that are supposed to happen.  Creating the life you want is possible only through surrender.  Once you learn to surrender without fear the universe will deliver. 

Once you understand you actually get to choose the type of life you want to live, once you make a choice to accept better into your life and remove the old conditioning and beliefs your life will become endless with possibilities.  

I know because I did it!!

I went from being stuck in cycles of self sabotage and addiction to thriving and living an amazing life that serves my greater good and highest self.  I know because I have lived it and I know what it's like to be on both sides of the coin. I know because I found my worth through the work I am offering in this program and I know you can find yours too and create the life you want while achieving your desires.

I've created this program because I was tired of women giving up on themselves and throwing in the towel on what could be a magical life. I wanted to help women acheive their dreams, harness their magic and create their own realities.

If you want to create and manifest your life you have to learn how, you have to go deep, be able to drop old beliefs about yourself and what you're capable of and what you deserve and this program will teach you how. Plus having the support of other women who have the same intentions as you and want to uplevel in their life will give you a head start on your super powers. When you are surrounded by a high vibe you will attract a higher vibe.

Conjuring  Your  Inner Desires Teaches These Principles:


  • High Vibe Energy to Attract What You Want

  • Becoming Clear On Your Desire 

  • Creating Your Intention

  • Shifting Blocks & Core Beliefs

  • Inviting In The Energy To Attract Your Desire

  • Intentionally Manifesting Your Desire

  • Begin Living In Your Desire

Conjuring Your Inner Desires is different from other programs because it allows the client to access the power they have within while being supported by other amazing women with high vibe energy working on creating their best lives too!!

This program offers you an opportunity to cultivate lasting change by using the science that changes the pathways that have kept you in endless cycles and dead ends, and offers you the endless abundance of spiritual energy within the universe.

You will learn that everything you desire is actually right in the palm of your hand and the power to shift your beliefs has the power to change your life.

You will learn you have the power to change your life.

You will be supported by not only myself but a group of amazing women.

You will have 24/7 access to the online community to chat and get advice and support whenever you need as well as cheer on your manifesting sisters.

  • 5 Week Container 

  • One on One & Group Coaching

  • Weekly One on One 30 Minute Power Coaching Calls 

  • Weekly 60 Minute Group Meetup Zoom Calls

  • Private Online Support Group

  • Weekly Homework & Accountability Check-In

  • High Vibe Support From Your Manifesting Sisters

  • Exclusive Lifetime Access To VIP Meditation Portal

Module Layout & Content:

Module One: Becoming Clear On Your Desire

Set your intentions and get clear on what you want to create in your life. This is where you let your dreams out into the world and begin getting supported in a high vibe group. I will show you how to get into the embodied feeling of living your dreams through the senses.

Module Two: Shiftings Blocks & Beliefs

Let's find out what blocks and beliefs have been getting in your way and learn how to work with them to support you in getting what you desire out of life. This is a full embodied understanding of what is blocking you from living the life you want to live.

Module Three: Inviting In Universal Energy

Week three is all about the power of the universe. Get connected to the manfiesting power the universe has to offer you. Open up and get ready to create.

Module Four: High Vibe Energy

This week we keep going up, up, up!! Here we embrace High Vibe Energy and High Vibe Energy only to keep moving forward. Learn how to recognize and  protect yourself from low vibrations.

Module Five: Intentionally Manifesting Your Desire

In week four we will get intentional and learn to embody our desired life through daily routines, practices and rituals. This is where we begin to embody our future self.


  • What if I don't know how to manifest? Everyone knows how to manifest and you will learn how to manifest consciously rather than subconsciously.

  • Do I have to attend every group call? No, you will receive a link for the playback.

  • Can I be new to manifesting? Yes, a beginner's mind holds the most information.

  • Is there anything I can’t manifest? Absolutely Not, if you truly desire it anything is possible.

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