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Wine Is NOT Wellness

Can we just stop trying to pair wine with everything!! Wine is not wellness, let’s get our heads around this idea about pairing wine with wellness. Women's business groups are marketing Wine and Wellness together to gain traction. Meanwhile nothing about wine will help you become more successful in your business or help push you towards your wellness goals.

I was recently invited to a Wine and Wellness business mixer for women. I not so politely declined the offer as it would be outrageous for me to even consider going to this type of an event as a Recovery Coach. Not because I cannot be around alcohol or it makes me uncomfortable but just for the simple fact that WINE Is NOT WELLNESS.

Wellness and self care is not a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine. Wellness is when we are actually taking care of ourselves, mind, body and spirit. The highest version of our mind, body and spirit is not in the pursuit of poisoning itself.

When will we understand that wine is just alcohol? When will we stop pretending alcohol in different forms is better for us than other types of alcohol with more stigma around them? A glass of wine and a shot of tequila are the same thing. Imagine I promote my event as Shots and Success business meetings?! Sounds absurd doesn’t it? Well then why doesn’t Wine and Wellness give us that same absurd feeling when we hear it?

Perhaps it is because we have been so gaslit by the alcohol industry that we actually think that wine and wellness do go together. Afterall when I was still drinking I was no stranger to taking a selfie at the spa with a glass of wine in my hand before I went to have a massage or a facial. We are given the wine list when we go to the spa are we not? The spa is wellness is it not?

I dream of a world that embraces wellness in its truth and wine in its truth and they become separated at birth.

Imagine if we went to the spa and they offered us a menu of fresh squeezed juices and specially curated mocktails that were high in antioxidants and vitamins that actually strengthened our immunity and didn’t weaken it like alcohol does.

We cannot actually keep participating in events and slogans that do the opposite of what they say they are doing and feel good about that. Can we? Aren’t we already living in a world that is turning enough blind eyes to the things happening around us?

Why every time we see events for women being created we are being coaxed to go there with a glass of wine? Like one bite of the poison apple won’t harm you that much, “join us”. Why are we not just able to show up as our authentic selves?

Perhaps it's because it is hard to imagine marketing yourself without some liquid courage and the idea of a few sips of wine to help you have some confidence is what is really serving you when you go to Wine and Wellness. Maybe if we lived in a society that showed women they are valuable in who they are without wine or anything that takes them away from who they truly are then we could show up fully without being coaxed with a glass of poison.

A glass of wine in your hand may make you think you are rocking it but trust me it is nothing more than a crutch you are dragging around to help hold you up while it pulls you down at the same time. Ladies it's time you saw that wine is not making you prettier, smarter or more successful and it certainly isn’t making you well.

If you want to market yourself and your business you do not need wine to do it. Even though it feels good at first as your nervous system becomes sedated, all alcohol is doing is blocking your frontal lobe from processing the events you are taking part in and your ability to make clear and logical decisions for yourself. Woman you are the Queen of intuition and yet every time you take a sip of wine you are taking yourself away from that natural superpower that you possess. How can you make good and clear decisions about your business when you are disconnected from the truth of your inner voice?

As long as women continue to be separated from their greatest gift they will continue to participate in the very things keeping them oppressed from reaching their greatest potentials and disconnected from the truth of their mind, body and spirit. Women don’t need wine but they do need wellness and it won’t be found at the bottom of a bottle.

One of the greatest gifts I have found in sobriety is the ability to listen to myself, my needs and my intuition. Without sobriety I wouldn’t be here writing this today. I would be too disconnected and too busy coping to step out of that drama and see what I was really doing to myself. Sadly I see many women who want more out of their life and business but their only options to connect with other women are events that market things like Wine and Wellness. Back when I was drinking wine I did attend these types of events and after a while it felt more like women getting together to drink than it did about women getting together and creating success.

Though these events may be created with the right intention to bring women together to support one another there is nothing that wine is doing to support your personal growth or expansion. Women have the ability to deeply see people and connect but when we mix in alcohol what feels like deep connections and conversations are only a facade.

When women are able to show and be vulnerable by asking for help and support to grow their businesses and shine in the world that is real. Because business is not easy and being a woman in business is even harder. This is a man's world and here we are trying to do business like men. If women understood how deeply important their offerings were in the world they wouldn’t want to hide them in a glass of wine. The world needs women healing their wounds, strong in knowing who they are and leading the world down that same path. The world doesn’t need anymore moms drinking wine day and night. We need moms who are consciously raising their children. We need women less concerned with mimosas and more concerned with the state of our culture, society and planet.

Don’t be fooled by trends and gaslighting from Big Alcohol, Wine is not Wellness. Let go of this idea that you need wine or anything outside of yourself to make you or your business flourish. You got this.

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