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Welcome To My Monthly Conjurings

Welcome to My Monthly Conjurings a newsletter that includes a little sample of what I may be offering for the month, some explanations of what might be taking place energetically within the changes of the seasons and the Wheel of the Year and something that I might want to share with you as an offering that might include a recipe, a somatic meditation practice or something else.

I have had a lot of changes in my life during 2023 and things have really started to feel like they are coming into alignment. One of the things that has shifted for me is a feeling of needing to chase after success. There is a lot of proving yourself that seems to come along with the coaching world and this year has shown me there is nowhere to go but in the present moment.

Instead of trying to create a thousand offers and opt-ins I’ve decided to keep it simple. I’ve gotten back to my roots a lot this year, I’ve let go of a lot of old stories and I’m really ready to be settled in who I am, as I am. Which means don’t expect a lot of crap in your inbox from me, in fact I would love to just pop into your messages once a month with some simple yet useful and appealing conjurings and let the rest work itself out.

I appreciate that you are here and take the time to read what I have to share and I plan to fill your mail with some nourishment for your mind, body and spirit from here on out, so thank you in advance.

So, welcome to My (first) Monthly Conjurings. November is a month of coming down from the peak of Vata Season. This peak takes place at and around Samhain (Halloween) here the energy in and around us has primarily been Air and Ether, it has actually been like this since late summer and will remain this way until early winter but we are on the decline from what can quite often feel like a hurricane of instability and lack of ground. The season of death can feel overwhelming and many parts of who we are will try to hold on for dear life in an effort to keep us from change but of course you know that is impossible and even when we have to let go of things that make us feel so good (in our comfort zone) we know deep down in order to evolve we must let go. I hope this season wasn’t too hard on you and the good news is each day that we get closer to Winter Solstice a little more of the energies of Earth & Water are becoming more prominent. Having this energy begin to shift again is very helpful in helping us feel more grounded and stable than we may have been feeling over the past few months.

Even though we are experiencing a slight shift in the ghostly energies of Fall it is still the season of letting go and I would encourage you to continue to do the work of releasing what is no longer serving you. If you haven’t checked out my three day course on Insight Timer, Embracing Your Shadow, it is free for Premium Members and already has over 250 students who have signed up with a 5 star rating, I highly recommend checking it out.

I also suggest for those of you who may feel a little more anxious this time of year booking in for a free Breathwork with Somatic Meditation. I know that breathwork can seem overwhelming but I promise it is very trauma informed experience that is support for anxiety, depression, sleep, digestion and a whole host of other things.

If these aren’t for you I would suggest taking regular walks in nature, epsom salt baths and eating nourishing foods like soups and stews that have a lot of density to keep you grounded and held during this time of year. As the societal pressure to be in urgency throughout the “holiday season” approaches it is just another reason to take good care of yourself and listen to the needs of your mind, body and spirit.

If you feel like you might want to get together this month, I have two in person offerings.

This Scorpio New Moon supports you in getting deeper into your shadow aspects, the parts of you that you may hide or push away because you have a self limiting belief around what you desire.

Because Scorpio is a deeply emotional sign it can allow you the space to go into those harder to look at and experience places within yourself that you may sometimes try to avoid.

All of what you hide and seek is within the body itself and learning how to embody your intentions can allow you to expand your capacity to experience what it is you are seeking in setting your intentions.

The second offering is Sunday November 19th from 1pm-5pm at Envision Healing Center where I am offering an Afternoon Rest and Restore Retreat that includes Yoga Nidra, Somatic Meditation & Breathwork and some open writing with share.

As the season of letting go allows you to fall into a space of rest for the winter, I will gently guide and support you with practices that allow you to release through rest and restoration with grace and ease.

If you feel like you would like to put some time aside to join one of these experiences I would love to support you in doing so. I hope you have found something that feels good to you in this Month's Conjurings. I will be back next month with some more shares as the Wheel of the Year prepares for the turn towards the Winter Solstice and Yule to help bring nourishment to your mind, body and spirit.

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