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December Conjurings

Hello December,

Welcome to my December Conjurings, marking the final month of 2023!!!  The last turning of The Wheel for this calendar year and a time to turn inward and reflect. This is the time of rest and a time to sit with what is before planting the seeds of Spring in the coming months.  With the holiday season often pulling us in a million directions, it is important to put time aside for extra efforts of self care. Just as Fall (Vata Season) has taught us the power and importance of letting go, Kapha Season which falls from early Winter to Late Spring shows us how to be in the void of all things future and past without trying to force or push anything to happen. This period of the in between is after the death of Vata season and before the rebirth of the manifestations within your own life which start to grow in early Spring.

As the energy around us gets heavy with the shift from Air and Ether to Earth and Water, we have to be careful to make ourselves a priority in order to not get stuck in our habits, thoughts or our own bulls*^t!!  Keep yourself moving and make sure you make it count, which means find something that makes you sweat whether that is food, exercise or both. You want to counter the heavy blanket of Kapha energy with heat. If you’ve been enjoying a lot of seasonal heavy soups and stews it is time to switch your meals up with some spices and some broths to keep things moving.  The beginning of Kapha season is for sowing the seeds of Spring before you move in to start planting the seeds for your intentions of Spring.

Though the energy of Kapha season can be heavy and slow at times it is about going within and reflecting on the year that has passed, so give yourself space from others, catch up on some reading and journaling.  

Here are some journal prompts for reflection:

  • What has been your biggest lesson this past year?

  • What parts of you have grown the most over the past year?

  • What are you reflecting on from the past year?

  • What version of you is walking into 2024?

  • How are you different from one year ago to now?

Winter Solstice & Yule

Even though Winter is upon us, Winter Solstice is a celebration of the return of the sun marking the longest night of the year.  This year I am celebrating Winter Solstice by offering a FREE virtual one hour Somatic Meditation & Breathwork Practice centered around deep rest, peace, joy and the welcoming of Winter.

If you would like to join me December 21st @7pm you can register here.

Of course following the Winter Solstice is the blessed Yule where Winter had officially arrived and is celebrated with a feast.  Yule and Winter Solstice are often celebrated together to celebrate the return of the sun as well as rebirth and spiritual reflection.  Building a Yule altar with holly, cedar bows, pinecones, and some candles is a beautiful way to honor the change of the season. Sharing food and gifts is one of my favorite ways of spending time with family and friends over the holiday season. 

Coming up just before New Years Eve on December 27th I will be celebrating 4 years of sobriety. I know the holidays can be a challenging time not to drink alcohol but if you are thinking of drinking a little less this holiday  season or skipping the booze all together you can download my free Holiday Mocktail Guide and get some great alcohol free recipes.

It’s never too soon to think about Dry January and if you are thinking about going alcohol free this winter I have my Sober &  Sober Curious Retreat just around the corner!! Join me January 25th for the Wolf Moon in beautiful East Sooke for a Sober & Sober Curious weekend.

This retreat experience will offer you a place to explore sobriety with open talks and discussions as well as journal prompts, breathwork, meditation and somatic practices all in ways that support your mind, body and spirit connection.​

Check out the details here!!

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!!! 

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